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Electric Power Generation

US Electric Power Generation

This graduated symbols map shows Power Plant Locations in the United States and compares wind, hydro, and coal plant sites.

KY Unemployment Map

KY Unemployment Rates: 2001 – 2013

This choropleth map shows unemployment rates in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by county for years ranging between 2001 and 2013.

The data is loaded dynamically with an AJAX request, and classifications are calculated at run-time within the client. The map uses an HTML5 range slider used to sequence through the years and update the map.

Kentucky Kicks Ass

Kentucky Kicks Ass

This chloropleth map compares geotagged twitter data containing: Bourbon, Kentucky, Bluegrass, Kentucky Derby, Hillbilly, Kentucky Fried Chicken, BBN, Kentucky Colonel, Kentucky Kicks Ass, Unbridled Spirit, and Kentucky for Kentucky using hexagon, county, and state polygons. This map was authored in collaboration with Anna Lee Bard.

KY Power Plants

KY Power Plants

This proportional symbol map shows coal power plants generated with less than 500 megawatts capacity, within 400 km of Lexington, KY.

  • See the map: KY Power Plants
  • See the code for this map hosted on GitHub
  • UK Construction Map

    Construction Map

    DRAFT Story Map showing current and upcoming construction on campus.

  • See the map: Construction
  • See the code for this map hosted on GitHub
  • Music Map

    Music Map